Monday, February 23, 2009


Hello all,

Well, it's been a good day and it's just now noon! It's always good to see your research enjoyed by others. Having it recognized as the top web application hacking technique of the year for 2008, is even cooler! Rob Carter, John Heasman, Billy Rios, and I were honored with the 2008 top web hacking technique of the year, as recognized on Jeremiah Grossman's blog and voted on by a constituent of peers including Jeff Forristal, Chris Hoff, Rich Mogul, and of course, HDM.

Getting recognized for something interesting you've done is even better when it's from people you respect and follow within industry. For anyone who didn't see the GIFAR work, you can get our most recent presentation on it from Black Hat Japan's page, linked here, which we also presented at BH USA which has video and audio available if you haven't seen it... full vid here, standard vid here, audio here.

Here's to 2009 and finding even more interesting stuff!


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Rafal said...

w00t! First comment :)

Seriously, welcome back to blogging, figured you couldn't stay away.